WOW Restriction!

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This is a follow-up to my last blog a few days ago when I described my 1st lap band fill.  WOW, have things changed.  Now I have restriction and understand why we were coached to eat slowly and chew our food even before having anything put in the band.  Hearing it in a meeting is one thing being face-to-face with it is something ENTIRELY different!

Before my fill, I was really eating pretty normally with the exception of eating too fast and not chewing a couple of times.  These few times also included things that we were warned about like pasta, bread or broccoli stalks so I felt I was partly to blame.  However, I really had little restriction so was getting a bit discouraged because I was seeing no real weight loss.

Then comes the 1st fill…I thought I had a real handle on my eating up until this point…but I was wrong…

Eating slow sounds better on paper then in practice!   I am amazed at how little I can eat at a meal now and if I try to eat too fast or not chew it to mush, it let’s me know in no-uncertain-terms now!  You get a feeling like you’ve swallowed a large piece of steak without chewing at all.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  That feeling as it slowly inches down your throat……slow…inch.  It is uncomfortable to say the very least!

I’ve read on other blogs where some people even set a 2-minute timer between bites to be sure they space them out enough and give themselves enough chewing time between bites.  I haven’t tried that yet but I now make myself a small meal focusing on protein and veggies and put more thought into how soft the protein is and how the veggies are cooked to make them easier to eat.  But I’ve noticed I really have to slow down!  a lot!  I’m learning to take a bite, put my utensil down and sit back and enjoy what I am eating.  And then, only when it is deemed mushy enough do I swallow it.  This may seem extreme until you’ve tried eating a couple of bites of grilled chicken or even scrambled eggs too fast and it just feels like it sits in the middle of your esophagus and won’t go anywhere.  I haven’t had any issues with it coming up yet but I’ve been close.  It seems like time stands still while you’re waiting for that painful feeling to pass then wondering if you should risk another bite or wait to see if things will settle down first.

On a positive note, with just the 3 meals and the 64 oz of water, you really do stay full for up to 4 hours between meals!   The side effect of this restriction though is now I’m finding it more difficult to get to my goal of 100 gm of protein a day.  I find I am re-learning my eating routine each day and making mental notes of what works and what doesn’t.  Also, I still rely on my old faithful of my protein shake at night with an extra scoop of tasteless protein in it (18 gm protein per shake) if I haven’t reached my protein goal for the day.

So, final words of wisdom from this new lap band “bander”… loving the restriction!

My advice is put more thought into what you choose to eat, select soft proteins like fish, chicken lightly grilled, or hamburger in light sauces.  No dry meat or microwaved leftovers.

Remember, each bite is an experience!  If you look at it this way, it helps you enjoy your meal, slows you down, and really gets you thinking more about what you are putting in your body to keep you full until the next meal.





  1. Christopher says

    Great blog! I am approaching my first fill in (2) weeks. I do believe I have been giving a false sense of what it will be like after the first fill. I do feel more informed after reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are VERY LUCKY to be one of those who have restriction on their first fill. Not many do until the 3rd to 5th fill. I was one of the strange ones who took 11 fills and 1 full year before I felt anything…NOW I too get what everyone else talks about! I was very frustrated up to this point thinking this was a waste of time because I was having no help from my band now I am hoping to see better results with the help from the band too. Cant wait to see what the next year brings

  3. Thank you for validating everything I’ve been saying for a year now. And congrats on getting “it” so quickly. I think if I had made it near the green zone with my first fill I may not have adapted as quickly as you.

    Something Dr O’Brien said in one of his videos is that we shouldn’t eat when we’re not hungry. That last protein drink may be an indulgence unless you feel like you need it? 100 grams of protein is more than many strive for? There are calories attached to protein.

    Keep on a truckin.


    • Deb Poston says

      Dan – I really do only eat when I get hungry and I do not reach the 100 gm of protein. I was told to aim for 80-100 grams but anything over 80 was ok. If I haven’t reached over 60 gms for the day, I will have the protein shake mixed with water. This way it gives me the extra protein, more water and it is only 108 calories so it’s nothing to worry over.

      thank you for the advice… Your thoughts are always appreciated.