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Bandster Hell!

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This was the response I received from an on-line bandster buddy when I blogged about the scale not moving a couple days ago when I asked how many calories on average should we be getting per day.  She quotes, “I won’t pretend to know how many calories per day you need, but will offer this bit of advice/encouragement.  It’s not uncommon at all, to experience a stall/plateau at your time post banding.  You see and hear it all the time on here.  Kinda seem like your on a diet right now?    That’s the way it was for me early on.  My advise is to keep watching your portions and walking.  Perseverance wins in the end.”

She’s right! It really does feel like a diet!  Am I depending on the band to do too much of the work?  Or is it still too early and my lap band just isn’t adjusted correctly yet?  (I have my 2nd fill this afternoon, that will be another post to come…)

So I decided it was time for another self-evaluation.  After all, I’ve been told I tend to obsess over things anyway so let’s obsess over something positive.  This same buddy had asked, “You don’t mention…are you eating because you’re “hungry” or following an eating plan given by your medical team?”  and I wasn’t sure…  So my 1st step is to answer this question.

Answer:  I’m really not sure if I am hungry sometimes, I was just focusing on getting enough protein and water as recommended.  My team told me not to concern myself with the calories too much just to watch portion size and hunger but after when the scale is not moving you start to look at the total calories.  We all have done enough dieting to revert back to this way of thinking…

I think I have been too over focused on the protein though and not on the hunger.  I am going to recommit today to trying to listed to my body when it comes to hunger!!

So step 2, starting that next morning, I really started focusing on protein the size of my palm and veggies the size of my fist.  But if I felt I was getting full, I would stop and not finish.  I also cut out the extra protein snacks during the day like string cheese and the protein bar that I found I really didn’t always need.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I keep a protein bar in my desk drawer for those afternoons when I do want something and need to be saved from the vending machine and the peanut M&Ms…lol  But for the most part, I have cut down another 200-300 calories from my day and guess what?  I’ve lost 2 lbs!!!

So remember, if you want to be a 135 pound person, you have to eat like one.  The band allows your body to re-set the thermostat to the amount of food that it takes to keep you satisfied between meals.  Finding the right amount of food to eat seems to be the big question now…with no one right answer for everyone.  I do find some days that I am more hungry than others and that I can eat more.  On those days, I try to drink more water and if that doesn’t satisfy me, then I will try to find something that will tie me over until my next meal.

But I keep telling myself, ” it’s up to me to control the quality – then my band can control the quantity.”

We really do make a good team, my band and I, when we are both doing our jobs…