About Me


Where to start…  I’m not a writer, English major, or school teacher so bare with me.

I am an average, middle-class, 50 year old woman with 3 adult children and almost 6 grandchildren who are all happy, healthy and no longer living at home…woop woop.  I love you guys dearly!!!

I am a quirky, real, straight-talking, positive type person who believes that the power of the mind is a mighty tool.

I have a good life and I thank the powers-that-be every day for my blessings.  I also have a wonderful husband who supports me in all things, a good job I enjoy, a comfortable home and dependable car.  What more could a woman want…you ask?  hmmm

Now let’s talk about why I’m here.  Well, my main passion is Photography!!  I have been lucky enough to have access to many media events in Las Vegas and be close enough to dozens of wonderful locations for photo creations.  Wildlife, landscapes, and the Desert are my main interests but also enjoy Las Vegas so will include this along with anything else that might strike my fancy along the way.

I also started a blog when a began researching to get weight loss surgery.  I’m considered technically obese.  I am 5’7″ and 230 lbs.  I have tried for years to lose weight.  Spent countless hours and dollars trying every diet and workout, healthy and not-so-healthy, to look like I did when I was 23.  I have a sister who had gastric bypass 7 years ago and has successfully reached her goal weight; however, I was not willing to have permanent changes done to my anatomy nor could I afford the surgery she had (see my insurance does not cover bariatric treatment).  So, I chose the lap-band…

I found a surgeon, treatment center, support, and financing.  My actual surgery was 9/27/13,.  Once the decision was made I started looking on line for support and knowledge to help me learn all I could and wouldn’t you know it…crap! watered down, winy, crap.  The LapBandtalk.com was a good start for people trying to support each other in a positive way but I was looking for more detailed information about what I would actually experience.  I purchased The Big Book on Lap-Band and read it cover to cover and although the information was great, it was dated.  I found blogs from people who had Lap-band but they mostly went on and on about the person’s children or job and didn’t get to the real meat of the issues with Lap-band surgery…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What Is Here?

Well, for starters, I will be using this site to express my creativity through my photos.  All links and shopping carts for my photos along with blog posts about photography are also available here.

AND, I am here to share my own story, diary if you will, on how it goes for me.  It will be a good outlet for me to understand the things I experience and worry about and also to share with anyone who finds this who is looking for what I was looking for…real Lap-band day-to-day information.  I only wish I had thought to do this earlier.

I will try to keep the topics Lap-band related and I will keep them real.  If you are squeamish or, you may want to look elsewhere for information.  But if you really want to know all there is to know from one who is living it, I am hear to share…

So.  It’s a great way for me to take my mind off food…my other passion.  So let’s start this journey…wish me luck!