Why I am Here

Pre Lap Band

See that picture above?  That was the final straw. Or should I say the beginning to my journey.

I finally met the man of my dreams and he takes me to Zion Nation Park.  A place I had never been before and I fell in love with it.  But I saw this picture of us and knew I needed to change. Not for him, but for me.  I wanted to be better for me.   This has to be about me and for me…  I know, I have had all the talks in my head and did all the diets, but this photo was my needed motivation to change.

To start off…this new direction started with a phone conversation with my sister.  She was obese and went thru bypass.  telling me that she had finally reached her goal weight from her gastric bypass and I was explaining how I was happy for her but uncomfortable with my anatomy being re-routed and altered.  She said something to me that literally changed the way I looked at bariatric surgery.  She told me I would be a good candidate for the lap band and proceeded to explain what she knew about it.  My sister just so happens to be a nurse with a master’s degree in nursing education so her advice has weight…pun intended.

Why I started This

I wanted a place to record my thoughts, my fears, my questions (and I have many), and my journey.  To help me and to help others who are looking for the same answers.

So, I hope you subscribe above and join me on this crazy journey…


  1. So proud of you for loving yourself so much to make such a huge decision. It’s a big step & sounds kinda expensive, but sure to be worth every penny. What’s a “fill”?

    • Deb Poston says

      A fill is when they inject saline into the tube connected to my lap band to fill up the band. This tightens the band around my stomach slowing down the amount of food that can pass through at a time.

  2. I am walking with you, along side of you, and reading all of your posts. I know the feelings, the diets, the fears – but I know how persistent and strong you can be. I am excited about your journey
    and will pray for you!!