Scale Intervention

lap band weigh ins

I Want My Scale!!

“You don’t understand!”  I pleaded with him, “I have to see the number…”

My obsession with losing weight included weighing myself daily.  I have gotten out of bed, went to the restroom, then stood on the scale every day for the past several years.  This is a routine that is ingrained into my life as much as brushing your teeth.

Most of you know now that I’m an analyst by trade.  I like crunching numbers.  Well, getting on the scale has been the way I start my day for the past few years that I have really taken my health seriously.  It gives me an idea how I did the day before, it helps me make the decisions for that day on what to eat.  Heck, I use that number on that scale to decide what to pack in my lunch for work each day.  I note it in a spreadsheet so I can analyze what I do well and what I do not-so-well.

So, let me tell you about my weekend.  I met with my lap band doctor on Friday for my 1 week follow up from my bariatric banding surgery.  My boyfriend came along as support.  My doctor gave me a glowing checkup after losing 10 lbs; however, tells me not to expect that each week.  He reminds me a healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week and the biggest thing is to not look at the scale!  My boyfriend hears this and unknown to me at the time, makes a mental note “no scale, weigh only once per week”.  The doctor says to focus on healthy choices, getting enough protein and water, proper portions and start walking.  Basically, follow the rules of lap band and the lap band will help you succeed.

I wake up on Saturday, and as usual go to weigh myself, and guess what?  My scale is not there waiting for me as it should be.  My boyfriend has decided to assist me with my scale obsession with a little intervention.  He has put my scale away until next Friday.  I love him but at the moment….Grrrr….  So I play the bigger person and say, “ok, no big deal.  I can do this.”  I was WRONG!  So wrong!  I woke up today and needed to see that number!

He finally, momentarily, caved after I begged and pleaded to near tears but then I got on the scale and it hadn’t moved!  I weighed the same that I did 2 days ago!  I was bummed.  Now I understand what the doctor meant that I really can’t expect to lose pounds every day.  I guess I do have an obsessive issue with the scale…It’s hard to admit.   Is there an Anonymous group for us that obsess over the scale?

Yes, the scale went away for the week.

I am going to go through the rest of this week and try not to think about my weight just eat right, follow the rules and begin my walking routine the doctor has approved.  Start slow… Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Let’s see what happens on Friday…  And wish the boyfriend luck, he has to live with me for the next 5 days…


PS:  The photo above is of my grandson but it explains the way I felt when the love of my life wouldn’t let me have my scale…lol