Night Before Surgery

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Well today was a hoot…NOT! I had to work all day on a full liquid diet and NO caffeine. Not really sure how I managed to get thru the day….

Let’s talk about the liquid diet I had to live thru today and will need to continue for 2 days after surgery. It consists of broth, sugar-free jello, flavored waters, light, deluded fruit juices, decaf coffeetea, and sugar-free pop-cycles. I tried taking the regular low-sodium beef broth to work for lunch…yuk!

At lunch ran to Walmart and found a great replacement – light Progresso water-based soups and drain the broth and just drink that. Oh so much better!! It helps if you add a tasteless, protein powder to amp-up the amount of protein. I use the Beneprotein from NestleHealthScience. It has 6 grams of protein per scoop.

It’s now the time where I can have nothing else before bedtime so it’s time for shower and last minute chores then off to bed. Wish me luck 🙂

Final note: I had my last meeting with my surgeon a few hours ago so he could go over everything one last time and give me time for last questions. Funny thing was I really had no questions left. I’m ready!