How did you handle the Holidays?

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So how did you ?  I mean, really?  From Halloween candy to festive and food filled New Year’s Celebrations make this time of year tough or impossible for anyone trying to lose weight.  We all just kind of make it a wash, pork out and plan to do better after the holidays.  Right?

Now I find myself reflecting over the differences between the holidays this year with my lap band vs. previous years where I was on my own…

My goal this year was to just make it through without gaining anything…Losing something would be great, but I just wanted to see if I can make it thru without any gain.  This would have been impossible in years past!

Being “banded” has made a huge difference in how I tackle holiday parties, get-togethers, family functions, the grandkids coming to visit, and even a vacation to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my boyfriend (who, by the way, is now my fiance..Yes ladies, he proposed the day after Christmas!!).

I wanted to be able to enjoy myself and not be the stick-in-the-mud sitting on the sidelines whining about not having this or getting that, you know?

Before my lap band, it seemed I spent most of my time thinking about the food preparation and what would be served at each function.  We have many family traditions as most people do that include Thanksgiving pies, Christmas cookies and fudge, and New Year’s Celebrations that help keep the alcohol businesses afloat…

This year was different.  I still thought about food…  But now it was, “where is the healthiest protein and veggies”, only eating a few bites or 1 piece of that pie or a single cookie!  I didn’t really miss any of the rest of the over-eating part.

I had a fill a week before Christmas that really seems to have helped.  I did find I had more time to visit with the guests at my Company Christmas Party, more time to catch up with friends at the get-togethers, more time to visit with my family…and best of all… More time to play with my grandkids!  It did remind me that the holidays are about so much more than just how much you get to eat but who you are lucky enough to get to be with!

Bottom line – I made it through to 2014 without gaining any weight and didn’t really stick to exercise during the last couple weeks of December.  I’m thinking if I would have continued with the exercise, I might have even lost some lbs. but it doesn’t matter.  My goal was to make it through without gaining and for the first time in years, I have done it.  Life with the lap band was a difficult choice for me but one I would do again in a minute.

Now to focus on 2014 and more weight loss!!