Fear of Failure

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My biggest fear of failing is raising it’s ugly head…again… I am sure many of you know what I mean.  What makes the Lap-Band way of life different from every other diet exercise program I have tried up to this point?  Will I let myself down again?

I am usually a very positive person and even when I have fears and doubts, I rarely show them to the outside world.  However, when it comes to weight loss, everyone who knows me has witnessed my many failures.  I love the beginning when you get all the compliments, “You look like you’ve lost weight”, “You look so good”, and “What are you doing, you look great”.  Even the great people (i.e. friends, family, co-workers) who encourage and give advice to help you along the way.  It makes me feel on top of the world.  You know what I mean??

Then the inevitable plateau, or falling off the wagon, or down right revert back to old habits with the endless supply of excuses for why that diet or exercise routine didn’t work for me.   You notice how no one acknowledges it when you start gaining the weight back, it’s like the elephant in the room nobody talks about.

After all my research and discussions on blogs and group forums, I truly feel (at this moment) that I can do this.  But with the surgery, its a serious change that is truly life changing… SO the little voices are coming back louder and more clear.  That nagging little voice that tells me I could still let myself down again is so very hard to ignore.  It could just be nerves… Surgery in 2 days!!

To help combat this I do have a great partner in my boyfriend who has agreed to walk with me when I am ready to start my workout regiment and we love to nature hike.  I am really looking forward to that now that the Fall season is here.  I live in Vegas so summers are brutal!  I have reading material to refresh me on what to eat at each stage both at home and work.  I also plan to stock up on the essentials for each stage once I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow and get the list of approved items for after surgery.  I want to be successful and I know my band will help me but I also know that I am still responsible for what I put in my mouth and to make sure I move my body as soon as the doctor gives me the go-ahead.

What do some of you do to stay motivated?