Breaking the Rules!

Wild Mustang knows what to eat

Wild Mustang knows what to eat

Ok, confession time…  I was given the all clear to try real food last week but told to take it slow.  Yes!! I’ve been trying everything from meat loaf to omelettes and having no reactions (no tossing my cookies like so many others had mentioned).  That food list  included a toasted English muffin with homemade jam.

However, last night I met my match!  I had made french toast with whole wheat bread for the boyfriend on Sunday.  There was 1 piece left so I had tossed it in the fridge in a zipbag.  I was home alone last night so I decided to have that piece of toast for dinner with some fruit.  My thinking was, whole wheat, eggs, fruit…it should be ok, right?

NOPE!  Now I don’t know if I ate it too fast or didn’t chew good enough but we were warned about breads and now I understand why.  A few minutes after I ate this, the sudden pain in my chest and back was horrible!  It felt like an elephant was stepping on my chest then flipping me over and stepping on by back…until I finally tossed my cookies…Then all was better again…

Tossing my cookies is not a good experience and one that definitely tells you to watch what you are trying to digest.  A tough lesson to learn but one I am told will happen a few more times as I learn what works and what doesn’t.   It also reminded me I really need to clean the bathroom more often….

So cross french toast off the list!!  Lesson learned and remembered!

Question now is, “Do I have a handle on what to eat and how much and should I re-think some of my choices for eating after lap band surgery?”  Answer in short – NO, No and Yes. I do not have a handle!  And, YES, Of course I need to re-think my choices!  DUH!

So, how do I improve you ask?  To start, I signed up for MyFitnessPal ( online and also downloaded the free app for my phone.  This will help me log everything I eat in an easy-to-use way and also log my exercise and any notes about the day I want to document.  I can then print these days out and review them with my Dietitian, which I actually did today at our group meeting.  She reviewed the last couple days of food choices I made and let me know I was doing ok with volume but to make better protein choices and stay away from the slice of Pizza Hut pizza I had for dinner the other night.  Even though I had no reaction to the pizza it is very high in carbs and fat so I did get a scolding for this.

I am a little hard headed and sometimes need to learn things the hard way.  (sound familiar?)  I came to the conclusion that this really is going to be a learning process and I need to take it more seriously.   I will continue to return to the instructions again and again to remind myself of the rules because it’s so easy to forget some of the details during normal day-to-day living.

Unfortunately, the lap band was NOT inserted around my brain or my mouth.  The hardest part is still on me to make better choices, the band will just help me control the amount of food I eat not the types.  This is a lifestyle change!



  1. Bummer – I love pizza!!

  2. This was funny but also the truth it does take time to learn and we have to try different things and as time goes on make better choices even on the run , it is hard and that is why we have the tool to help us cause we wouldn’t do it on our own as we learn better and for me if it doesn’t stay down and I slime I don’t eat it or even try again..