Leaving the House for the 1st Time – Eating Out

Photo by Debbie Poston

You won’t believe it but I decided to go to a memorial today with my boyfriend for a friend who had passed who was dear to him.  I was worried about leaving the house so soon after lap band surgery.  Especially since today is the 1st day I can move into Stage 2, protein shakes, creamed cottage cheese, pureed fruit and yogurt, of the post-surgery bariatric diet.

I tried to plan ahead by 1st having a glass of watered down apple juice with 2 scoops of protein.  An hour later, I ate 6 oz. of creamed cottage cheese, 2 oz of peaches with an extra scoop of protein.  Yuk!  Found out creamed cottage cheese doesn’t taste any better than regular cottage cheese.  Can you tell I’m not a fan?  I will try to learn to like it because it has 11 g. of protein per 1/2 cup but it will definitely be a challenge for me.

Side Note:  Then on to the shower and finding something to wear that doesn’t bind…bra fit without hitting the bandage on my rib cage…that was a plus! (This will be another Post)

Then made a protein shake for the road and grabbed an extra bottle of water and we were off.

It was a short, outdoor ceremony and all went well.  Did notice more pain in my left shoulder and back from the gas and can’t seem to take a deep breath without it coming in a 3-part wave.  I decided I was glad to get in the walking to help work the gas out.  I drank my protein shake during this time and did fine for the short time needed to get through this.

However, I knew my boyfriend would be getting hungry and we would have to stop and eat somewhere for a late lunch.

Then comes the lunch stop….oh no!  He pulls into Jack-in-the-Box!  What is he thinking you say?  He’s thinking his stomach thinks his throat has been cut.  He had breakfast hours earlier and needed food.  I was fine, wasn’t really feeling hungry and I’m not a big fan of Jack-in-the-crack but low-and-behold!  wouldn’t you know it?  They have blueberry oatmeal on the menu!  Now, I understand it’s probably full of sugar and carbs but it was the only healthy option I had so I decided, “Why not, let’s give it a try?”  I never tasted anything so delicious…lol.  It was warm and tasty so I ate it slowly remembering from my lap band instructions to make sure it was pure liquid in my mouth before swallowing.  I finished the whole 6 oz serving.  No after effects…

The rest of the evening, we visited with family and came home.  I made some more Progresso soup for dinner (broth for me with 2 scoops of protein & the remaining soup for him).

I survived my 1st meal away from home only 3 days out from lap band surgery.  I believe I can do this!

What are some of your ways to survive eating out with family after being banded?


PS. The Yellow Flowers are in memory of Anne…one of her favorite colors I am told.