Thanksgiving Over Eating


Bryce Canyon – Wall Street
Appropriate as this is also an uphill climb!!

Well, I discovered my lap band can’t do all the work.

I was off work for 5 days during the Thanksgiving holiday.  This included having Thanksgiving, an alcoholic evening with friends and family, 2 birthdays, a slice of cheesecake with Dad and a breakdown with a party size bag of Peanut M&Ms.  I did not work out, track my food intake, nor pay attention to my protein water intake.  The result – I gained 3 lbs this week!!

I’ve been given some encouraging words from other forum friends like:

“Wow, that was a lot going on in a very short period of time — no wonder you got stressed out!  What’s really great is that you are noticing everything, listening to your body.  And it’s telling you it doesn’t like that crap.  And you’re not going to let this pendulum you into being “bad” for the month of December and throughout the holidays into New Year’s Day just because you had some M&Ms, etc.  You are a new person with a new attitude but some of our old programming is still there.  I figure every time we overwrite the brain chatter with good dialogue, such as “oh Debbie, I am so happy when I exercise!” instead of the old conversations, “should I have this, oh screw it, I’m having it,” we are getting healthier.  You are doing well — just persevere.  Clean out your system and know that December is a long month.  Let’s be healthy and happy!”

And also to look at the “BIG picture… what I eat now, whatever it may be, good or bad days, it is still considerably a lot less than what  I used to eat before the surgery…..all day long!!!”

So, I have learned a few important lessons from this relapse.

1. My band is not around my mouth or brain – I still have to control the quality, the band helps control the quantity.

2. I am not in the “Green Zone” – I thought about food a lot more than usual and not because I was hungry but just because of old holiday habits and head hunger.

3. Tracking protein and water make a real difference – protein and water really do keep you full, your body functioning better, and a better over-all healthy feeling.

4. Exercise has multiple benefits – energy, muscle tone, bodily functions, and water retention.

5. Patience – enjoy life but in moderation and this is a life-long new lifestyle.  It will take time to learn.

I know I need to be patient.  That’s what my nutritionist says and my doctor told me even though I only lost 3 lbs last visit that I am doing very well.  That the 1st 6 months are the hardest!  So I am trying to be patient.  It’s only been 9 weeks but I just expected it to be easier…

I am back to watching my calories this week and I doing my daily 2 mile walk.  I am trying to focus this week and see if I can remember just to listen to my hunger and monitor my protein and water…

I thought I was a positive person but this is even getting to me…Where is that “Green Zone”….lol