3rd Fill in my Lap Band


I was surprised when I drank the barium before the fill that it flowed straight through.  No restriction!  What the heck?

I went in as usual, I’ve only lost 2 lbs since last month according to my chart.  However, my appointment was at 2:30 pm so I had already eaten breakfast, lunch and drank approx. 48 oz. of water.  I’m not going to go by that number but the number on the scale tomorrow morning since my Friday morning weigh-in is what I’ve been using to track my weight loss from the beginning.

Anyway, now I feel like a pro as far as getting a fill.  The doctor had a bit of a problem getting the needle into the port but still there was no pain.  It just took a couple extra minutes.  I explained that I haven’t felt any real restriction and have had little weight loss.  We go through the motions of getting the fill.  (See details of this on my previous blog post http://www.debbieposton.com/my-1st-lap-band-fill/).

I ask why there is no restriction since I have had 5 cc’s in my band so far?  Does it expand?  Or the fluid leak out?  The doc explains that, “No, none of this happens normally.”  It seems, he explains, that as you lose weight internally, your stomach also loses fat and so the band must continually be adjusted to fit correctly.  I received another 1.5 cc’s so I am now at 6.5 cc’s in my 11 cc Realize Band.

From most of my research and discussions with other banders, it seems the 3rd to 4th fill seems to be when most get to their “Green Zone”.  I’m hoping to see some results soon.

  • Banded       0 cc’s        9/27/13
  • 1st fill          3 cc’s       10/31/13
  • 2nd fill         2 cc’s       11/21/13
  • 3rd fill         1.5 cc’s     12/19/13